Development Planning Applications

D11317 - 75 Third Street, Multiple Residential and Commercial,

Location map of 75 Third St in the Town of Collingwood

Municipal Location:  75 Third Street,

Collingwood, ON

655 Hurontario Street Multiple Residential, File No. : D11217

Image of proposed apartment building located at 655 HurontarioSt

Municipal Location:   655 Hurontario St.,

Collingwood, ON

D08116 Proposed Official Plan Amendments to the Environmental Protection Polices

Proposed Schedule B1 Changes to the Environmental Protection Areas and PoliciesFile No.

D1201116 Draft Plan of Subdivision for Riverside Townhomes at Peel and Collins

   Due to the Wind Storm the Meeting for Riverside Townhouses has been rescheduled.

D1201117 Van Dolder’s Industrial Draft Plan of Subdivision & Show Room

Draft Plan of  Industrial Subdivision for Vandolders