Special Events

Looking for an event?

There are more than one-hundred events that take place in the Town of Collingwood each year including festivals, celebrations, shows, openings, walks, runs, concerts and parades. Find all the details on the Upcoming Events Calendar below. Be sure to also check out the Town of Collingwood's annual February Family Jam, Collingwood Festival for Canada, and Collingwood Elvis Festival!

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Planning an event?

The Town of Collingwood defines a special event as a one-time or infrequently occurring event outside normal programs or activities of the organizing body and/or host facility. All special events taking place on municipal property require a Special Event Permit, a license issued by the Town of Collingwood to conduct an event on municipal property within the confines of the approved special event permit application.  

The Culture & Events Division may be a helpful resource for planning and carrying out your event. We can assist you with questions such as I’m planning a first time event – where do I start? What Permits do I need? How do I find suppliers, equipment and rentals? What’s a site diagram? How do I create a critical path? How do I secure sponsors?

Access the municipal Special Event Permit application below, as well as an Event Planning Guide which may be helpful in navigating your event planning process. Your special event may also be eligible to receive funding through the Community Recreation & Culture Grant Program. Find out more below.

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