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The Collingwood Trails encompasses over 60 kilometres of recreational trails for cyclists, walkers, joggers, skiers, and snowshoers as well as adults and kids commuting to work or school. There’s a Trail leading to every major point of interest in the Town including the beaches of Sunset Point, the scenic lookout at Millennium Park, the tranquil gardens of the Arboretum, the new Labyrinth, the historic Station Museum, and Collingwood Downtown.

We all know that a little outdoor activity is a great way to improve our health. Collingwood’s extensive Trails network is making it easier for all of us to step out and discover just how good it feels.

The well-marked Trails can get us around town safely and quickly. They also give good reason to pause along the way, take a deep breath, and come back to linger.

As it turns out, what’s good for each of us is good for all of us. By reducing emissions, saving energy and getting back to a more active lifestyle, we help make Collingwood a cleaner, healthier and friendlier place to live. Active Transportation to work and school reduces traffic and pollution and using our Trails promotes the conservation of our natural environments and wildlife habitats.

Completed in 2017

  • With the help of Provincial and County grants, the Heritage Trail has been completed to Millenium Park to allow all pedestrian and cycling traffic to avoid the road.

  • The Vacation Inn Trail has been extended 150 m to Siver Glen Blvd.

  • The Currie Farm Trail has been greatly improved with 460 metres of paving.

  • The Cranberry Marsh Trail boardwalk has been extended to The Pretty River Academy thanks to the help of several volunteers.

  • The Train Trail from the Collingwood Museum to Ontario Street has been paved.

  • In conjunction with the Town of the Blue Mountains a feasibility study has been completed for a trail route from Collingwood to Blue Mtn. Village.


Projects Planned for 2018

  • (subject to budgets and timing)
  • A major upgrade to the River Trail is planned between Pretty River Parkway and Hume St. The trail as is is not up to standards and in some spots too narrow. 
  • Minor upgrades to the Social Trail around the Labyrinth.
  • Grade and pave the middle and north sections of the Ridgeline Trail.
  • Complete the Cranberry Marsh boardwalk from the Pretty River Academy west to the Vacation Inn Trail.

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