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Collingwood has a strong history of providing safe, clean drinking water to the residents of our community.

Collingwood Water Works was established in 1889. On January 6, 1908, the introduction of electricity created the Water and Light Commission. On July 24, 1912, the name was changed to the Collingwood Public Utilities Commission.


Collingwood's Water Intake before installation

Always one step ahead of the curve, the Raymond A. Barker Membrane Filtration Plant was built in 1996. This plant was the first of its kind in the world. We are proud to have trained operators from around the world in our state-of-the-art facility.

In November 2000, changes in the electric industry dictated that electric and water utilities should be separated. Electricity operations at the utility became known as Collingwood Utility Services Corp (COLLUS Power), while water held onto the Collingwood Public Utilities Commission name. While operating as two separate companies, the utilities continued to share I.T., financial and human resources personnel through a shared services agreement.

In 2004 Collingwood Public Utilities Commission became a Municipal Service Board of the Town of Collingwood, known as the Collingwood Public Utilities. 

In 2011 as required by the Safe Drinking Water Act, Collingwood Public Utilities achieved Drinking Water Quality Management System accreditation and are named in the drinking water licences as the accredited operating authority for the Collingwood drinking water system.

In response to the Province’s focus to consider water to be inclusive of wastewater services, in 2012 wastewater treatment operations were brought into the Collingwood Public Utilities family for governance purposes.

In 2015 the water and wastewater operations were brought under the Public Works Department, reporting to the Environmental Services Standing Committee.

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We are proud of our heritage and continue to be excited about our future.

Our Water & Wastewater Systems

The R.A. Barker Water Treatment Plant was the first membrane plant of its kind in the world.  One elevated storage tank (the Collingwood Water Tower), two reservoirs (Carmichael West End and Davey South End) and two booster stations (Osler and Georgian Meadows) deliver water along 157 km of distribution pipes providing safe, clean drinking water to 10,000 service connections within the town of Collingwood. Ninety two km of collection pipes return wastewater back to our conventional, activated sludge wastewater treatment plant where it is treated with UV disinfection and anaerobic digesters.  These facilities are operated by the Town of Collingwood.  

Contract Services

Facility Operation 
  • Water and wastewater facilities at 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford 
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants in the Township of Clearview

Water Supply

  • The Town of the Blue Mountains
  • The Town of New Tecumseth


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