Water Conservation - PSAs

As part of our ongoing commitment to educate our community about the drinking water system, the Town of Collingwood continues to work with local elementary and secondary school students to provide a greater awareness of how our water gets from Georgian Bay to our taps. The Town of Collingwood gave all high school students the opportunity to prepare short videos demonstrating their understanding of the drinking water system.
The videos below were prepared by Grade 10 students at Jean Vanier Catholic High School.

Created by: Wilson Crittenden, Samantha Harvey, Mitch McIntosh, Liam Yeates, Lexie Young

Created by: Cameron Campbell, Thomas Dempster, Craig Peters, Kaleb Venning White

Created by: Evan Gillard, Steve Johnson, Sam Kirwan, Collin Rhynold

Created by: Matt Kupch, Luca Lovisa, Rebecca MacLean, Amber Perry, Austin Simpson