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Business Plans, Annual Reports and Financial Statements


The Town of Collingwood and its employees have built a reputation in both the water and wastewater industries for being forward thinking and fiscally responsible in the pursuit of success for their various business activities.  We take great care in presenting our Business Plans, Annual Reports and Financial Statements as concise and understandable documents.

Financial Plan 

Water Ontario Regulation 453-07 Financial Plan #100-301

Water & Wastewater Rate Study

The 2014 Water and Wastewater Rate Study was undertaken by Watson & Associates and extends of the previously accepted study completed in 2010.  The study updates the analysis for capital and operating forecasts, lifecycle cost requirements, current customer consumption and customer profiles.  The objectives of the study and the steps involved in the undertaking were:

  • Identify all current and future water and wastewater system capital needs to assess the immediate and longer-term implications;
  • Identify potential methods of cost recovery from the capital need listing.  These recovery methods may include other statutory authorities (e.g. Development Charges, Municipal Act, etc.) as an offset to recovery through the water and wastewater rates;
  • Identify existing operating costs by component and estimate future operating costs over the next ten years.  This assessment identifies fixed and variable costs in order to project those costs sensitive to changes to the existing infrastructure inventory, as well as costs which may increase commensurate with growth; and 
  • Provide staff, the board of CPUSB and Committee/Council the findings to assist in gaining approval of the rates for 2014 and future years.

2014 Water & Wastewater Rate Study (pdf)

Compliance Reports


The Town of Collingwood is pleased to provide you with an Annual Compliance Report. This is in accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) Ontario Regulation 170/03. This report is designed to inform you of the quality of the water being supplied to our community and our conformance with our Certificate of Approval for Collingwood’s Water Supply, Treatment, Storage and Distribution System. Our goal is to provide you with the cleanest, safest and most dependable supply of potable water possible, at an affordable price.

Water Compliance Reports

2018 | 2017 | 2016 20152014 | 2013 | 2012

Wastewater Compliance Reports

2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 2014 2013 | 2012

For questions regarding the Collingwood Municipal Water System or the reports please contact:

Marie Richardson - Compliance Officer
Phone: 705-445-1581 ext 3308 (during the business hours 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)
Email: mrichardson@collingwood.ca

MOE Inspection Reports and System Classification


Collingwood's Drinking Water System is inspected annually by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).  The purpose of these inspections is to confirm compliance with Ministry of the Environment legislation, policies and guidelines.  

2017 MOE Inspection Report
2016 MOE Inspection Report

2015 MOE Inspection Report

2014 MOE Inspection Report

2013 MOE Inspection Report
2012 MOE Inspection Report

MOE System Classification 

Drinking Water Quality Management System and Drinking Water System Operational Plan


The Town of Collingwood Water Department operates under the Ontario Drinking Water Quality Management System standard.  Every three years we must undergo an auditing process performed by a Ministry approved auditor to obtain our accreditation of this standard.  This certification shows that our highly trained staff utilize the systems put in place to consistently deliver the best and safest water possible to our residents.

The Town of Collingwood's Water Management System (MS) is a total management system that encompasses operational planning and activities by giving due attention to product quality, the environment, employee health and safety and social responsibilities.  As an overall system, it effectively and efficiently covers all operational activities of the Town of Collingwood and as the owner and operator of the Collingwood Drinking Water System, and the environmental objectives at the Raymond A. Barker Ultra-Filtration Plant.  Our Operational Plan describes the MS and addresses the primary function of the Utilitiy, which is to produce and distribute safe drinking water that meets applicable legislative, regulatory and other requirements and to provide for the continual improvement of the MS.  The system is also designed to include all reasonable precautions for safeguarding the health and safety of the Utility's employees and to protect the environment within the concept of sustainable development.  The MS is designed to ensure the Town of Collingwood achieves its goals of accrediation under the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, comformance to the Ontario Health & Safety Act, and our certification status within ISO 14001.

Quality Management Policy (PDF)

Drinking Water System License
Drinking Water Permit (PDF)



Other documents


Mair Mills Water Servicing Environmental Assessment

The Town of Collingwood is undertaking the completion of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) planning process to determine water servicing requirements to meet planned growth in the proposed Mair Mills Village subdivision.  The location of the Mair Mills Village Subdivision is shown on Figures 1 through 4.  Ainley Group was retained in August 2011 to document the Class EA planning process in a Phase 1 & 2 report.

Mair Mills Water Servicing EA

Conservation and Demand Management

Did you know that the treatment and distribution of water and wastewater is the single largest energy user in most municipalities?

Collingwood spends $1,204,861.62 per year on energy costs at 12 building and facilities, related to the treatment or pumping of water or sewage.  10,375,236.97 kWh of energy is used per year, which results in 11391235.18 kilograms of greenhouse gases.  

We are pleased to share our Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan for the 2014 through to 2019 period, which has been prepared as per Ontario Regulation 397/11. 


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