Paymentus Information

We are pleased to offer a quick and easy payment option for customers interested in paying their bill by credit card. Paymentus Corporation, an independent third-party automated payment service, is accepting these payments on our behalf.

You can view Paymentus Corporation's privacy policy.

Paymentus will charge a 1.75% convenience fee for each transaction per $1000 increment. This means that if your bill is (for example) $350, you will be required to pay aconvenience charge of $6.13. Likewise, if your bill is $505, you will be charged a fee of $8.84.  This fee covers payment handling and processing charges.

Please keep in mind that we offer ways to pay your bill that don't require a service charge, such as:

  • Online bank transfer from your financial institution
  • In person at our office via debit or cash or cheque
  • Mail in cheque

Here is What You Need to use the Paymentus Online Payment Service

  • COLLUS Power account number (can be found on your most recent billing statement)
  • Valid Credit Card (American Express & Mastercard only)
  • Email address for confirmation

NOTE: We are accepting credit card payments for BILLS only, unfortunately we cannot accept them for deposits at this time.

I Want to Pay Online by Credit Card Now (You will be taken to Paymentus Corporation's Secure Website)


Additionally, you can access this service by calling toll-free 1-877-789-6183.