Public Works, Engineering & Environmental Services

Public Works, Engineering & Environmental Services

Public Works Building

About Collingwood Public Works Office, 545 Tenth Line North                                          

Public Works Ext. 4210       

Engineering Ext.  4200     

Environmental Services 705*445*1581




L9Y 3Z2                             

Contact Public Works                  705-445-1351     

Collingwood Public Works is responsible for maintenance and construction of the following:

  • Roads
  • Sidewalks
  • Signs
  • Ditches
  • Snow Removal
  • Sewers
  • Entrance Permits
  • Pot-Hole Reports

Entrance Permit/Road Occupancy Permit:

Application (PDF)
Information (PDF)


Report a pothole


Report a pothole  |  Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)  |  CONSTRUCTION UPDATES 

About Engineering Services                              

Contact Engineering    705-445-1292     

Engineering is responsible for the transit system, traffic control, subdivision and condominium development as well as administering major construction projects such as roads, bridges and sewers.


Fill Permit: Trevor Harvey, Engineering
Application (PDF)


  |  Roundabout Information  |  CONSTRUCTION UPDATES  | All-way stop Facts


About Environmental Services 43 Stewart Road

Collingwood ON L9Y 4M7                              

Contact Environmental Services   705-445-1581     

For more detailed information visit Environmental Services Web Page here 

Water & Wastewater

Department Contacts

Director, Public Works and Engineering
Brian MacDonald   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4201

Manager, Engineering
John Velick   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4209

Engineering Technologist
Stuart West   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4202

Engineering Project Coordinator
Trevor Harvey   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4213

Engineering Technician
Kris Wiszniak   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4204

Engineering Services Administrative Assistant
Beth Yaniw   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4200

Manager, Public Works
Jody Livingstone Manager, Public Works   
Phone: 705-445-1351 x4211

Public Works Administrative Assistant
Tammy Davison   
Phone: 705-445-1351 x4210

Manager, Fleet, Facilities & Purchasing
Dave McNalty   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4208

Building(s) Operator
Rory Walsh    
Phone: 705-445-1030 x3299


Collingwood Public Works Office
545 Tenth Line North
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 3Z2

Contact Us

Public Works - 705-445-1351

Engineering - 705-445-1292

Environmental Services -705-445-1581