Supporting Responsible Pet Ownership in Collingwood

The Town’s Responsible Pet Ownership By-law helps to ensure all pets live in a safe environment with their owners and members of our community within Collingwood.

We advocate responsible pet ownership through four principles:

  1. Ensuring physical care of animals, socialization and medical attention for pets

  2. Licensing and registration to provide permanent identification for dogs

  3. Spay or neuter pets to control the pet population

  4. Not allowing pets to become a threat or nuisance in our community​

Animal Control services includes:

  • Reuniting lost dogs with their owners by administering the dog licensing program
  • Providing 24 hour emergency response service
  • Responding to dog bite and aggressive dog concern
  • Educating members of our community of animal related by-laws and statutes
  • Working in partnership with other animal related organizations such as the Georgian Triangle Humane Society, provincial inspectors from Ontario's Animal Protection Agency and local veterinarians.