Building Services


Information to help you build or renovate your home, property or business.

Before planning your project, find out what Zoning By-laws and other Applicable Laws apply to your project.

    Different forms, drawings, and other documents are required depending on the type of your project. You’ll need to submit these when you apply for your permit. Refer to the applicable permit checklist for your project:

    Your building permit application must include:

    1. Completed application forms
    2. A Zoning Certificate (residential projects only)
    3. Drawings and supporting documentation
    4. The applicable permit fee

    When and How to Request Inspections

    All new construction in Collingwood shall have an inspection done by Town Building Inspectors. Buildings must meet the minimum health and safety requirements of the Ontario Building Code, the Building Code Act, the Building By-law, and other applicable Laws and Standards. Town Inspectors also conduct special investigations of illegal construction and unsafe buildings.