Cityview Public Portal: Electronic Permits and Applications

Cityview Public Portal

The public portal allows you to submit and pay for your permit application online. The portal will take you through the steps to submit a permit application or schedule an inspection.

Register for an Account

View active permits by logging into the portal and selecting "My Items".

The Cityview Public Portal allows registered users to self-serve various functions. 

Building Permits

  • Submit and pay for your building permit electronically
  • Pay permit fees with your credit card
  • Track the status of your permit application
  • Submit drawings and letters directly to your application

Building Inspections 

  • When a permit is issued you can schedule your inspection through the portal
  • Contact the Building Inspector assigned to your inspections
  •  View inspection results under your portal account
  • Cancel a requested inspection(s)

Compliance Letters

  • Submit a request for a building permit file compliance letter for real estate transactions
  • Pay for your compliance letter fee(s) with your credit card
  • Track the status of your compliance letter
  • Download and manage your letters where you have multiple letters or properties

How to apply for Zoning and other Reporting Letters from Planning Services and a Tax Certificate can be ordered from Virtual Town Hall.

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting your permit application electronically. 

Building Permit Document Guidelines