Non-Residential Building Permits

  • Approved Site Development Plan (Section 41, Planning Act) and Agreement, if applicable
  • Geotechnical Investigation Report
  • Site Plan
  • Grading / Site Servicing Plan(s)
  • Floor Plan (one per floor)
  • Foundation, Floor, Framing and Roof Plans
  • Building Elevations
  • Building Section (min. 1)
  • Window Schedule
  • Door and Hardware Schedule
  • Details
  • Mechanical Plans (plumbing & HVAC)
  • Electrical Plans (general lighting, emergency/exit lighting, and fire alarm system)
  • Automatic Sprinkler and Standpipe Drawings where applicable
  • On-Site Sewage System Evaluation; if applicable

Required Approvals from other Agencies

In many instances before a building permit application can be processed and a permit issued, there are approvals from other agencies that may be required. These approvals are not administered by Building Services. Please ensure all required approvals are complete prior to submitting your application using the Applicable Law Checklist


Fees and Charges

Building Permit Fees

Major Occupancy

Building Permit Fee (ft2)

Group A:  Assembly Buildings


Group B: Detention, Care & Treatment and Care Buildings


Group D: Business & Personal Service Buildings


Group E: Mercantile Buildings


Group F: Industrial Buildings



Development Charges


Charge ($/ft2)

Town Development Charge


Simcoe County Development Charge


Education Development Charge


Next Steps

  1. Submit the complete permit application and all supporting documents using the e-Permit Service. An automatic email will be sent to you once you submit the e-Permit application.
  2. Staff will complete a pre-screen of the application to review for completeness, compliance with the Building Code and Applicable Law. A status update will be sent via email within mandated timelines. 
  3. Application review comments are provided during review to identify any outstanding requirements and to summarize permit fees.
  4. Permit issued when review is complete and all fees are paid.

Mandated Timelines

The Ontario Building Code turnaround timeframes for the first review of a complete application:

Complete Applications      10 Business Days

Incomplete Applications    15 Business Days