Zoning Certificate Permit

Zoning Certificate Permit Process

The Town's Planning Services department evaluates all Zoning Permit applications and provides a detailed review of the project's proposal and uses an appropriate site plan and description to confirm compliance with the Town of Collingwood Zoning By-Law.  You must provide a site plan (plot plan of your proposal).  A Zoning Permit cannot be applied for until you have received an Exemption from the Water Interim Control By-Law.  When you have obtained the required Zoning Permit, it forms part of the required supporting documentation for a complete building permit application and is to be included with your permit application.  

  • A zoning permit is not required for any project that was the subject of a Planning Act application and development review.
  • All zoning permits expire one year from the date they are issued.
  • To find zoning information for a specific property, use our interactive zoning map.
  • Register, Accept,  and, apply, for your Zoning Certificate from the Secure Cityview Portal

Contact Planning directly if you have any questions about a Zoning Certificate Permit. 

Your drawings must clearly show what is existing and the changes you’re proposing. Drawings must be to scale, and should use metric measurements. We may request additional information when your application is reviewed.

The site plan must include the following:

  • Scale (metric only)
  • Direction (North arrow)
  • Municipal (civic) address
  • Existing buildings and accessory structures labelled “existing”
  • Proposed construction ( label “Proposed” )
  • Dimensioned property lines
  • Overall building dimensions
  • Height of new buildings or structures
  • Rights-of-way and easements
  • Landscaped areas and hard surfaces such as driveways and walkways
  • Setbacks from all property lines to all new structures
  • Lot area
  • Lot frontage
  • Lot coverage (meters squared and percent)
  • Description or breakdown of what is included in coverage
  • Driveway width
  • Driveway setback to adjacent property line(s)
  • Driveway surface treatment
  • Dimension of any walkway attachment width to driveway

Example of a simple site plan. 

Example of a simple site plan