How to: Apply for a Zoning Certificate from Planning Services

Planning Services administers the Zoning Certificate (ZC) process which is a preliminary review of the submitted plans to confirm compliance with the Town of Collingwood Zoning By-law and with applicable law, allowing a complete application for a building permit.  

How to Apply

Register, Accept, and apply for a Zoning Certificate from the Town's 24/7 service the secure Cityview Public Portal. 

The Fee for a Zoning Certificate is determined by the current Fees and Services By-law.  The fee will be displayed on the Cityview Public Portal and paid via credit card as you work through the steps online.

General Information
  • A Zoning Certificate may not be a requirement for any project that was the subject of an extensive Planning Act application review.  Contact the assigned planner if you have questions.
  • A Zoning Certificate may not be required for interior works including, but not limited to, replacement of plumbing fixtures, furnaces or water heaters, electrical work, or cosmetic work such as painting, decorating, or replacing kitchen cupboards.
  • Although a Zoning Certificate may not be required in the instances noted above, every project must be compliant with the provisions of the Town of Collingwood Zoning By-law.
  • When Building Services does not require a Zoning Certificate, a building permit may still be required.
  • All Zoning Certificates expire one year from the date they are issued.
  • If the property is located within the Downtown Collingwood Heritage Conservation District or the building is designated under the Heritage Act, you may need a permit. The Heritage Collingwood site will guide you.
  • Use the interactive map(s) to find zoning information or heritage information relating to specific properties.
  •  All drawings, reports, and forms, must be provided in a PDF format and supplied to Planning Services using the Cityview Public Portal.

The Applicant or Applicant's Agent must supply the following:  

Real Property Report

We would appreciate a Surveyors Real Property Report (Survey) if available.

Site Plan

A detailed site plan, fully dimensioned and showing adjacent properties and buildings including setbacks. Your drawings must clearly show what is existing and the changes you’re proposing. Drawings must be to scale and be in metric measurements. We may request additional information when your application is reviewed.

Floor Plans

Floor plans, fully dimensioned indicating uses of all spaces.

Elevations and Cross-Sections

Applicable elevations and cross-sections.

The site plan must include the following:
  • Be to Scale (metric only)
  • Direction (North arrow)
  • Municipal (civic) address
  • Existing buildings and accessory structures labeled “existing”
  • Proposed construction ( label “Proposed” )
  • Dimensioned property lines
  • Overall building dimensions
  • Height of new buildings or structures
  • Rights-of-way and easements
  • Landscaped areas and hard surfaces such as driveways and walkways
  • Setbacks from all property lines to all new structures
  • Lot area
  • Lot frontage
  • Lot coverage (meters squared and percent)
  • Description or breakdown of what is included in the coverage
  • Driveway width
  • Driveway setback to adjacent property line(s)
  • Driveway surface treatment
  • Dimension of any walkway attachment width to the driveway
  • Use of the property and the proposal
  • Height of proposal

Water Allocation information

For any questions about the Zoning Certificate process or any other planning process, contact Planning Services by email at

Example of a Sample Site Plan

This is an image of a sample site plan