Economic Development Action Plan

The Purpose of the Plan

The Economic Development Action Plan is intended to help guide Collingwood’s economic development activities and priorities for five year periods, with a focus on those action items over which the Town of Collingwood has direct control.

Developing the Next Plan

The Town of Collingwood’s vision is to offer a healthy, affordable, four-season lifestyle to all residents, businesses, and visitors. The Community Based Strategic Plan sets a vision for Collingwood as a vibrant, healthy community where people want to live and work. Funding the services to make this lifestyle possible requires a diversified local economic base that is attractive to a variety of businesses, industries, as well as entrepreneurs.

That’s why the Town has started working on its next Economic Development Action Plan. This plan will define the areas of focus for the Town and its partners, complimenting the broader Community Based Strategic Plan.  Developing the next Economic Development Action Plan is a major project. The Town has as a result hired strategic consultants to help guide the process and act as quality control. The approach they have recommended is one that engages local business leaders and the broader business community.