Economic Development Action Plan

The Purpose of the Plan

The Economic Development Action Plan is intended to help guide Collingwood’s economic development activities and priorities for five year periods, with a focus on those action items over which the Town of Collingwood has direct control.

The Power of Place

In 2019, Maclean's magazine named Collingwood the 22nd Best Community to Live in Canada. The magazine noted that two-thirds of our residents work where they live, right here in Collingwood - an unusually high proportion for an Ontario Town of our size. Think there's a correlation between those facts? When you love where you are, it creates a power of place that's nothing less than magnetic.

1 Plan, 3 Goals

This Action Plan zeroes in on just three key points - those that will best help us drive econonic success in our municipality. 

Three goals of EDAP




A Thorough Plan

Town's staff consulted with the business community and the Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development to develop a clear vision, measurable goals and an actionable plan.  These are detailed in the full report which includes sections on:

  • Building on Success
  • Developing the Plan
  • Establishing the Groundwork
  • Setting Goals and Objectives
  • Measuring Success
  • Getting the Work Done

Keeping It Simple

An inspiring 4-page summary of the full report has been created as a quick and easy reference.

4 Page Overview

Getting Down to Action

A multi-year, 1-page action plan was created to help get the work done. With 3 Goals representing 20 action items grouped under 8 objectives, the plan provides a roadmap for activating the plan including key partners and success measures.

Action Plan Framework

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