Land Use Planning Services

Access the secure Cityview Portal 24/7 for submitting planning application forms and proposals. The portal accepts credit card payments.  Learn more about the Development Review Process.  

The Town of Collingwood (TOC) has an Interim Control By-law (ICBL) regarding water allocation.  Here is a curb cut directly to the Engage Collingwood page which has up-to-date information. 

Land Use Planning

The Planning Division provides services regarding the Official Plan and Zoning By-law documents for the Town of Collingwood, exercising control over the subdivision of land, and indirectly by providing municipal services and pursuing municipal policies that support and reinforce the land use planning objectives of the Municipality and the County of Simcoe.  The Planning Division accepts, on behalf of the Council, proposed changes to land use and coordinates the review and approval process.    This link will take you to a new page and opens the Provincial Government Page named Land Use Planning.  Get resources to plan for municipal growth and development including information about Ontario’s Greenbelt and the Greater Golden Horseshoe.  Learn about the vision, laws, policies, and processes for land use in Ontario.

Click the links below to access policy documents, forms, and information.

Cityview registered portal for Online Application Submission

Planning Application Forms

Collingwood Official Plan 

Collingwood Zoning by-Law

Staff Delegated Approval for Site Plan Control and Condominium Exemptions

Mapping Information

Land Use Planning Interactive Map

This map provides Official Plan, Zoning By-Law, Development Activity, and Heritage Properties information. 

Heritage Properties

Proposed Major Developments

Engage Collingwood & ICBL Updates 

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Planning Act

Individuals who make written submissions with respect to a Planning Act application should be aware that their submission and any personal information in their correspondence will become part of the public record and made available to the Applicant, Committee and Council.

The Town of Collingwood is updating its Official Plan.

The Official Plan is the overall policy framework for how land is used in Collingwood and sets out the vision for the community over the next 20 years.

The Plan is the guide for managing where, when, and how the Town should grow. Visit Engage Collingwood for details.