Land Use Planning Services

The Town of Collingwood has a development pause in place using an Interim Control By-law (ICBL):

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The Purpose of Land Use Planning

The planning department provides services regarding the Official Plan and Zoning By-law (including zoning compliance reports)  documents for the Town of Collingwood, exercising control over the subdivision of land, and indirectly by providing municipal services and pursuing municipal policies which support and reinforce the land use planning objectives of the Municipality and County of Simcoe.

Below are links to our over-arching policy documents:

 Public Portal/Online Application Submission Collingwood Zoning By-law  Official Plan   Zoning and Official Plan Mapping    Property Inquiry

The planning department guides, regulates and makes recommendations  regarding  community  growth and  development  in a manner that protects the environment, enhances quality of life, promotes a complete community and involves the public in the decisions that affect them.

The planning department accepts, on behalf of Council, applications for changes to land use and coordinates the review and approval process within a prescribed time frame.  Our applications are located on this site. 

Town of Collingwood Official Plan Consolidated January 2019 version

The Forward including Appeal Dispositions, Non-Decision disposition status, and Specific Amendments, are here.

The complete text including the interactive contents page is here

Here are the Site Specific Amendments yet to be Consolidated into the 2019 Version: 

OPA #43 360 Raglan Feb 7, 2020, OPA#44 Balmoral Blocks 1 - 4 March 6 2020

The Town of Collingwood Zoning By-Law, and Development Documents (please scroll further down for more)

The planning department is located in The Municipal Offices located at 55 Ste. Marie Street.  Please access the office via the rear doors of the building.  We can be reached at 705 445 1290 or email us at  

Contact Planning Services prior to the  building department to discover how our Zoning By-law controls the use of land in our community. It states exactly: • how land may be used • where buildings and other structures can be located in relation to lot set backs • the types of buildings that are permitted and how they may be used • the lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks from the street.   Here is a link to A Citizens' Guide and Zoning By-Laws. 

See the Proposed Developments

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Planning Act: Individuals who make written submissions with respect to a Planning Act application should be aware that their submission and any personal information in their correspondence will become part of the public record and made available to the Applicant, Committee and Council.

The Town of Collingwood is updating its Official Plan.
The Official Plan is the overall policy framework for how land is used in Collingwood and sets out the vision for our community over the next 20 years.

The Plan is the guide for managing where, when and how the Town should grow. Visit Engage Collingwood for the details!