Collingwood Zoning By-law 2010-040


The Collingwood Zoning By-law implements the land-use policies of the Town’s Official Plan, as amended, and is one of the principal documents used to ensure the proper and orderly development of the municipality. The Collingwood Zoning By-law pertains to all lands within the boundaries of the Town.

The Collingwood Zoning By-law is used by the Town to regulate the use of land and the erection, location and use of buildings within the municipality. The Collingwood Zoning By-law is divided into various sections such as administration, zone classifications and maps, defined terms, general provisions, parking and loading provisions, zone permitted uses and lot provisions, exception zones and zoning maps.

The Collingwood Zoning By-law repealed and replaced all previous zoning by-laws and amendments thereto, within the Town. This included the repealing of the Town of Collingwood Zoning By-law No. 87-61, as amended, the former Township of Nottawasaga Zoning By-law No. 10-93, as amended, and the former Township of Nottawasaga Zoning By-law No. 10-80, as amended. 

The Collingwood Zoning By-law was subject to various appeals that have either been subsequently resolved, or that remain before the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). On June 30th, 2010 the OMB made an Order providing that By-law No. 2010-040 of the Town of Collingwood, save and except for the appealed portions/provisions of said by-law, shall be deemed to have come into force on April 12th, 2010.

For the appealed portions/provisions, the more restrictive provisions between the applicable former Zoning By-law and the Collingwood Zoning By-law No. 2010-040, shall apply.