Official Plan

Town of Collingwood Official Plan (Consolidated January 2019 version)

The Town of Collingwood is updating its Official Plan. 

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The Forward including Appeal Dispositions, Non-Decision disposition status, and up to 2019 Specific Amendments, are here.

Here are the Site Specific Amendments yet to be Consolidated into the 2019 Version: 

OPA #43 360 Raglan Feb 7, 2020OPA#44 Balmoral Blocks 1 - 4 March 6 2020

The complete text including the interactive contents page is here. The various schedules can be downloaded separately:

The Official Plan establishes goals, objectives, land use, transportation, servicing and community improvement policies to direct the physical growth of the Town of Collingwood, within a context of relevant social, economic and environmental constraints, in order to obtain the most desirable living environment for present and future residents, and those citizens from the surrounding area who are utilizing the regional facilities within the Town.

It is intended that the Plan serve as a guide to the municipality in preparing and implementing zoning criteria, undertaking public works and/or community improvements, assessing the propriety of development applications, including Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments, minor variances, consent applications, site plan control applications, and plans of subdivision/condominium.

The Official Plan establishes the general pattern for future growth to the year 2021. Its purpose is to ensure the best form of development under the most desirable conditions.

Basis of the Plan

This Official Plan is based upon a series of detailed planning, environmental, economic and servicing studies commissioned by the Town of Collingwood, as well as comments received from the general public, the County of Simcoe and other municipalities, County and Provincial Ministries, agencies and departments. The background studies, which preceded the adoption of the updated Official Plan focused on Collingwood’s natural environment, servicing and transportation circumstances, and residential, commercial, industrial and recreational land needs.