2 Mountain Road D14620 A Zoning By-Law Amendment (scroll past the map for details)

Location Map of 2 Mountain Road at Blue Mountain CentreProject File No. : D14 Is an Application for  Re-Zoning

Project: 2 Mountain Road at Blue Mountain Centre

Owner: Crestpoint Real Estate (Blue Mountain Inc)

Consultant:  MHBC Planning, Oz Kemal                            

Project Description:  An application for a Zoning By-Law Amendment has been received to propose the additional use of “Pet Store” to the existing permitted uses of the C2-4 zone.  The property is located  within the  commercial plaza known as the Blue Mountain Centre.  This does not include the breeding or overnight boarding of "pets" as an additional permitted use. 

Here is a link to the submittal:  Contact Information and Planning Application, Existing Site Plan, Planning Justification Report 


Municipal Information:

Municipal Planner:  Justin Teakle

The public meeting will take place during the regular meeting of Council, a link to the webinar will be included on the February 22nd, 2021 Council agenda.

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