22 9 14 -D1203117 and D14617 The Trails of Collingwood Revision to the Draft Approved Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendment

Location Map for Trails of CollingwoodProposal: The subject applications seek a  revision to the approved Draft Plan and an associated amendment to the Zoning By-law. The Redline seeks to modify existing Block 52 by reducing it in size in order to introduce a new Block 53 (see attached redline draft plan). The proposed new Block 53 has been designed, located, and sized to receive contaminated soils from the remainder of the development lands and will be engineered to create a usable public open space that can be aesthetically designed to integrate into the adjacent stormwater management block to the north – now identified as Block 54).

In addition, the proposed redline introduces a phasing line to delineate a phase 1 boundary and a phase 2 boundary.  The rezoning proposal seeks to zone what is the east part of existing Block 52, now proposed as Block 53 in the redline plan, from“R3-27” to "REC”.

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Notice of Passing Trails of Collingwood 

Zoning By-Law Amendment BL2022-070

Public Meeting Presentation

2017 Technical Report

ESA Documents  One

ESA Documents Two

ESA Documents Final

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The Planner on the File is Mark Bryan please contact him at mbryan@collingwood.ca 

Previous Town Files: DC-2006-41, Z-2007-08, D1202311, D1202312, D00216, D002116

Legal Description: 121 High Street, Part Lots P, S, V Plan 263, Town of Collingwood

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Location Map for Trails of Collingwood