33 Findlay DR, 22 Campbell St, 750 Hurontario and 774 Hurontario St(s) No. : D11918 & D14618 Blackmoor Gates, Collingwood, Ontario, Scroll past the map for more details

Applicant Appealed to The Local Planning Environmental and Land Tribunals Ontario or OLT

There was a Case Management Video Conference held October 21, 2020.  Appeal Number(s)  PL200276 and  PL200277 (see link below) Applicant and Appellant:  Blackmoor Gates GP

Environmental and Land Tribunals Ontario

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Link to LPAT and E-Status

Contact: The Tribunal Case Coordinator Ryan.Co@ontario.ca 

Second Submission Site Plan for Blackmoor Gates March 2020Second Submission March 2020; Cover Letter, Site Plan Drawing, Planning Report, Storm Water Management Report, Civil Engineering Drawings, Agency Matrix, Architectural Drawings A1, Architectural Drawings A3, Architectural Drawings, Landscape Concept





First Submission 2018:  Site Plan Drawing, Architect Letter, Community Building, Architectural Plans, Civil Engineering, Landscape Drawings, Landscape Concept, Photometric Plan, Arborist Report, Functional Servicing Report, Geotechnical Report, Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Report, Phase 2 EAR, Planning Justification Report, Stormwater Management Report, Traffic Impact Study, Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment, 

This proposal is to permit 27 single-detached units and 4 semi-detached units. The proposal has had two pre-consultation submissions one being August 17, 2018, and the other November 30, 2017.  It will require a Zoning By-Law Amendment (D14618)and Site Plan (D11918) Approvals.  

Here are the presentations from the Public Meeting held on June 23, 2018.  One is from Planning Services Staff and one is from the applicant. The links are provided below:

  Town of Collingwood Presentation, and 

   Applicant Presentation.  

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This is a location map for Blackmoor Gates located West of Hurontario and North of Findlay Drive

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