5 Silver Creek Drive: Huntingwood Trails Residential Community, West Lands, (Scroll Past Map for Additional Details) Under Appeal to Ontario Land Tribunal D14211 and D120111

Location Map Generally Depicting Huntingwood West Lands located at 5 Silver Creek Drive, Town of Collingwood, OntarioProject/Owner:  Huntingwood Trails (Collingwood) Ltd. Appealed 

Applicant:  Edward Weisz, President

Project Description: 

The proposed Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment are currently under appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal (for the western portion of the property).  Additional information is available below in the document entitled "Backgrounder". 

A Formal Ontario Land Tribunal hearing for the Westlands is scheduled to begin on August 8, 2022.  

Here is a link to the Ontario Land Tribunals and the E-Status Case Details page for OLT Case Number  PL190515 as well as the related 2014 OMB Decision.  Please enter Huntingwood Collingwood into the search tool for all the decisions including the 2014 OMB Decision. 


2011 Original Proposal includes applications and studies: Arch Stage 1 & 2, Environmental Impact, Landfill Study, Natural Hazard, Functional Servicing, Planning Report, and Growth Management, Traffic Impact Study 2011Natural Hazard 2011, Concept Plan 2011Concept Plan 2010

2019 Revised Proposal and 2019 Revised Documentation and Studies  Cover Letter,  Reports: Functional Servicing Report and Stormwater Management Report,  Environmental  Impact Study, Natural Hazards, Traffic Impact Study Addendum, Draft Plan, Draft Zoning By-law, Public Consultation 

2021 Current Proposal for West Lands Only Draft Zoning By-Law, Comparison Plans dated 2019 and 2021, Draft Plan of Subdivision dated June 4, 2021 Application


Municipal Information 

Municipal Planner: Senior Planner, Mark Bryan 

2022 Link to Huntingwood Trails, West Lands, Backgrounder 

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