869 Hurontario Street, Project File No: D11722 is a Site Plan control proposal/application for a development known as The Gateway Centre.

Project Proposal

The proposal is to develop a phased Highway Commercial Development consisting of 5 buildings with a gross floor area of 6,028.0 square meters (64,887 square feet).

  • Phase 1 – Buildings A (retail and restaurant), Building B (restaurant), and Building E (restaurant)
  • Phase 2 – Building C (retail and office) and Building D (retail and restaurant)

June 24, 2022, First Proposal as provided by the Agent:  

Planning Application Forms,  Survey, Plan with the easement, Phase One Environmental Site Assessment Terraprobe, Ministry of Culture Archaeological Assessment Report, Ministry of Culture Archaeological Assessment Report The Stage 4, Landscape Plans, Urban Design Brief, Civil Engineering Plans, Electrical Plans, Elevations: Building A, Building B, Building EExecutive Summary Stage 4 Excavation, Noise Feasibility StudyGS2 Environmental Site Assessment Phase One and Phase TwoGS2 Commercial StudyPlanning JustificationEnvironmental Site Assessment, Shaheen & Peaker, Environmental Site Assessment by Jacques Whitford, Phase OneFunctional Servicing Report, Storm Water Management, Traffic Impact Study combined with Active Transportation, Stage 1 – 3 Archaeological assessments, Renderings and Elevations, The Gateway Centre - Option A-8 2022.05.11, The Gateway Centre - Buildings A, C, D Elevations -  2022.05.19 Option A-8 PlanCovering Letter, Sub Matrix, Matrix Addendum, Affidavit

Municipal Planner

Nathan Wukasch nwukasch@collingwood.ca

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Minutes and Resolution, Requests for Redesignation - The Gateway Centre and 49 Huron Street. The recommendation is that the requests for redesignation be referred to Staff for review in the Official Plan update. 

View the Official Plan Update on Engage Collingwood.

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