Applications for a Site Plan Application and a Zoning By-Law Amendment

Artist rendering of 276 Ste Marie ST., Collingwood , ON

Planning Services has received two applications for 276 Ste Marie Street in the Town of Collingwood;

File No. : D14918 is a Zoning By-law Amendment Application - Please be advised that the application for Zoning By-law Amendment, Town File No. D14918 has been withdrawn at the request of the applicant. This file has been closed

File No. : D11619 is a Site Plan Control Application

Owner: Cynthia and Scott Strandholt

Agent: Plan Wells Associates, Miriam Vasni

Information Submitted by the Applicant:

Development Application, Contact Information, Architectural, Civil Engineering Plans, Landscaping Plans, Developer Servicing and Stormwater Management, Developer Planning Opinion, Heritage Impact Study

Municipal Planner: Lindsay Ayers

Municipal Information: Please be advised that the application for Zoning By-law Amendment, Town File No. D14918 has been withdrawn at the request of the applicant. This file has been closed.

Historial Consultant Review ,  

Project Description: Applications for a Zoning By-law Amendment (file withdrawn Friday, May 10, 2019) and Site Plan Control have been received for a proposal to expand an existing two-storey mixed-use building. The existing building contains a commercial use on the ground floor and one apartment unit on the second floor. The applicant is proposing to construct a four-storey addition at the rear of the existing building and modify the existing structure to include ground floor commercial office space, a ground level parking area, and a total of seven dwelling units above the ground floor. The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment seeks a site-specific exception for a reduced rear yard setback and increased maximum building height and to recognize the existing, legal non-conforming front yard setback and driveway entrance width. The subject property is located within the Collingwood Downtown Heritage Conservation District. It is not located within an area regulated by the NVCA. 

East and West Elevations of 276 Ste. Marie Street, Collingwood, ON Location Map of 276 Ste. Marie St., Collingwood, ON





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