Bridgewater, Consulate File No. D14818 Zoning By-Law Amendment Project No. File No. D1203118 Revision to Draft Approved Plan of Subdivision

Location Map of Bridgewater 11644 Hwy 26 West (and Princeton Shore Blvd)Bridgewater 

An appeal under the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) File Number OLT-21-001360. 

Decision link to OLT-21-001360 Issue Date July 25, 2023

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To review the past decision by the previously named Ontario Municipal Board, view the E-Decisions posted by the OLT (OMB) Number PL040510.  The minutes of the settlement are numerous, therefore, please search by the OLT Number and/ or the Appellant, Consulate Developments (Ontario) Inc.  

Owner: The Preserve at Georgian Bay Inc., Consulate East Lands

Municipal Address/Location: 11644 Hwy 26 West (and Princeton Shores Blvd.)

Agent: Travis & Associates, Colin Travis

Engineer: C. F. Crozier & Associates, Kevin Morris

Project Information Links from the Developer in Support of the Proposal:

D14818 Zoning By-Law Amendment Proposal  - Aug 14, 2018  -  1st Submission Proposal – Planning Application Form, Covering Letter, Revised Concept Plan, Comparison Plans Supporting Reports, Planning Justification Report, Traffic Impact Study Addendum, Functional Servicing Report and  Storm Water Management, Environmental Studies – Environmental Existing Conditions, Vegetative Monitoring,  Travis Bridgewater Presentation

D1203118 Draft Plan Revision Proposal - Aug 14, 2018  - Planning Application Form, Current Draft Plan Conditions (2021), Current Approved Draft Plan (unchanged since 2007 OMB Approval)   

Additional Materials Submitted - Azmuth Spotted Turtle, Bridgewater - Revised Site Concept Plan, Context Site Plan (Dec 06, 2019), Summary Correspondence November 2020

Municipal Information

Project Description:
The 37.16 hectare Bridgewater development lies to the north of Highway 26 West and to the south and west of Bartlett Boulevard and Princeton Shores Boulevard.  The development proposes a zoning by-law amendment and revisions to an existing draft approved plan of subdivision for a medium-density designated portion of the property.  Existing approvals for this portion of the site support a 320-dwelling unit development consisting primarily of 71 singles, 87 townhouses, and 162 apartments (in 3 buildings) with a number of blocks to protect and buffer adjacent Provincially Significant Wetlands.

The Zoning By-law Amendment application proposes to rezone the existing medium-density development block as a Residential Third Density Exception (R3-X) zone in order to support proposed revisions to the draft plan of subdivision for a maximum of 655 dwelling units.  The dwelling types proposed would include groups or clusters of single-detached, semi-detached, townhouses, and apartment dwellings.  Apartment dwellings would also be subject to specific zoning setbacks and height limitations. 

The proposed revision to the draft plan approval would alter the dwelling unit description in the conditions of draft plan approval, for the affected medium density block, from the currently approved 320 dwelling units to the maximum of 655 dwelling units requested with the zoning by-law amendment.  The unit breakdown proposed is 539 townhouses and 116 apartment-type dwelling units.  The boundaries, dimensions, and configuration of the development area, and the adjacent environmental protection, buffer, and roadblocks would remain unchanged.  The essence of the proposal is to change what can happen inside the medium-density development block.  Zoning outside this block would also remain unchanged. 

October 25, 2018, Notice of Complete Application, March 25, 2019, Notice of Public Meeting

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