D1202218 Extension(s) to Residential Draft Plan Approval: Red Maple (725 Tenth Line)Subdivision

Location map of 725 Tenth Line and Proposed Residential Subdivision Red Maple

D1202218: this application was for an Extension of Draft Plan of Subdivision until March 2022 by Council on Monday, Jan 28, 2019.  P2019-02



Agent:  Alliance Homes, Alex Troop

Location:  725 Tenth Line, 10th Line south of Mountain Road                       

Here is a link to the applicants application


Municipal Planner:  Mark Bryan

Here is a link to the Planning Staff Report 

The Red Maple Plan of Subdivision is draft approved for 278 units of the following dwelling types;

•    131 single detached dwellings,
•    56 “street” townhouse dwellings (freehold), and
•    91 townhouse dwellings (condominium).
The original Draft Plan approval was granted in March 2013 for 230 units.  A subsequent “redline” revision was approved by the Town in November 2014 that increased that number to 278 units.  The Town last granted an extension of the draft approval for this Plan of Subdivision in March 2016 and it will expire on March 25th, 2019.  This application , D1202218 has been approved for an extension until March 25, 2022


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Location Map for Red Maple Subdivision located in Collingwood, Ontario on 10th Line approximately north of 6th Street