D1202521 Extension of Draft Plan of Subdivision for 725 Tenth Line

Owner: 2721733 Ontario Inc. Attention: Shawn McGuire, Lunor Group

Agent: Travis & Associates, Colin Travis

Roll Number: 4331 050 002 19402 0000

Description:  This application is for an extension of the Draft Plan of Subdivision for three years.  The extension went until March 25, 2022.  The proposed subdivision is comprised of 278 dwelling units and a mix of Single Detached (131), Freehold Street Townhomes (56), and Condominium Townhomes (91). 

There will be a total of 278 Lots and the land area has a total of 17.6 hectares. The Property is within the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation District Authority.

December 22, 2021, Proposal Submittal 

Municipal Information

Municipal Planner Lindsay Ayers layers@collingwood.ca 

The Staff Report for Draft Plan

Approval Extension Request 

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Associated File: D1202218 an Extension to Draft Plan Approval.

Updated: Nov 10 22

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