File No. D11522 is Site Plan Control Application for a development known as the Townhomes of Pretty River.

Owner:   John Welton Custom Homebuilding Ltd.

Agent:  Loft Planning Inc., Kristine Loft

Civil Engineer: Cobide Engineering, Travis Burnside

Landscape Architect:     CF Crozier Engineers, Alison Phillips

Architect: Architectural/Boyd Montgomery Associate, John G Williams

Project ProposalA proposed Site Plan Application for a block within the Pretty River Estates registered plan of subdivision consisting of 8 Semi-detached and 82 Townhouses within a common element condominium arrangement, including private road, parking, and shared amenity space.  The development proposal is within the context of recent Ontario Land Tribunal approvals for an OPA and ZBA applicable to the subject lands (June 30 2021 – OLT Case No. PL171461).  The subject lands are municipally and legally addressed as 17 Portland Street, and Block 181, Plan 51M-945. The applicant has also applied for a Condominium Exemption under the project number PRCEX2022095.  The approved zoning is R3-60 (H-19), and the approved designation is Low Medium Density Residential Exception Two (as per the Ontario Land Tribunal approval).

June 24, 2022, First Proposal as provided by the Agent:  

Planning Application Form,

Right-of-way plan,

Stage 3 Archeological Report,

Geotechnical Investigation,

Tree Inventory, and Assessment,

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment,

Traffic Impact Study,

SP1 Cobide,

Functional Servicing Report,

Merit-Based Criteria, 

Land Use Planning Opinion Report,

Urban Design Report,

Noise Report,

Urban Design Review, Preliminary Landscape Plan, Civil Engineering Plans, Functional Servicing Report, Landscape plans, Phase 2 Noise, Pre-consultation Comments Response

Municipal Information

Municipal Planner:  Mark Bryan

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July 12, 2020 

Planning Services

Civil Engineering

Pretty River Site Plan

Landscape Plans

Sanitary Sewer

(Site Plan Control , Pretty River Townhomes, 17 Portland, June 9, 2023)

Civil Engineering Plans

Electrical Plans


(Site Plan Control , Pretty River Townhomes, 17 Portland, June 20, 2023)

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