Hwy 26 West: Residences at Silvercreek aka Sydevco Applications: File No.: D11920 proposed Site Plan Control: D07121 proposed Vacant Land Condo; (scroll past the map for details)

Location Map for Residences at Silvercreek or 11403 Hwy 26 West Collingwood, Ontario

Project File Number D11920: Residences at Silvercreek aka Skydevco 

Municipal Location: 11403, 11453, & 11461 Hwy 26 (W), Collingwood, ON

Development Manager/Applicant:  Skydevco Inc., Gregory Jones 

Owner: 1964245 Ontario Limited, Gregory Jones  

Agent/Consultant: Travis and Associates, Colin Travis

Civil Engineer:  C.F. Crozier & Associates, Rebecca Alexander

Landscape Architect:  C.F. Crozier & Associates, Katie Wardrop

Architect: SRM Architects Inc., Edward Thomas, Maria J Melo  

3rd Submission Site Plan Proposal Sept 2021

Links to information from the Developer,  Urban Design,  Coloured Elevations, and Floor Plans, Landscaping and Engineering, Photometric Plan, Construction Management Plan, Site Plan, Intersection Plans 

Condominium Proposal

Planning Application Form, Plans,

1st Submission Proposal

Project Information Links from the Developer: Contact Information for Development, Developer Application

Developer Reports:  Developer Planning Justification, Additional Reports,   and Plans, Plans 2, Plans 3, Plans 4, Plans 5 which were supplied in support of the application.  

Project Description:  This 1st submission application has been received for a proposed development known as the Residences at Silvercreek.  Site Plan Approval is sought for a comprehensive site plan on an existing lot for 260 dwelling units. The proposed 260 units comprise 200 apartments in two, four-story buildings and, 60 bungalow-style townhomes. (Excerpt from Travis and Associates – Residences at Silvercreek dated Jul 2020). The urban design will form a central component to the ongoing review of this property.

Municipal Planner:  Justin Teakle

Municipal Information:  Notice of Complete Application Condominium,  Notice of Public Meeting Condominium, NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING, CONCERNING A PROPOSED DRAFT PLAN, of VACANT LAND condominium


TAKE NOTICE that the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Collingwood will hold a public meeting on Monday January 31st at 5:00 p.m. virtually by ZOOM webinar to hear the planning merits and gather public input regarding a proposed Draft Plan of Vacant Land Condominium under Section 51 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P. 13, as amended. This application has been deemed to be a complete submission under Section 51(19.1) of the Planning Act


This public meeting will take place during the regular meeting of Council. Meeting link to the virtual zoom webinar will be included on the January 31, 2022, Council agenda.

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Third Submission Elevation 

Coloured Elevation of one building at Skydeveo


Landscape Plan for the development The Residences at Silvercreek at Hwy 26 West in the Town of Collingwood









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