Isowater Industrial Project Second Phase

Site Plan for Isowater Industrial Building at 40 Sandford Fleming Drive Collingwood, ON

Project Name:    Isowater Industrial Building

Civic Address:   40 Sandford Fleming Drive, Town of Collingwood

Owner: Applevale Properties Limited

Agent:  Ray Smith

Submittal information from the developer:  Contact Information for the Developer, the Application, the development plans, and the elevations of the building and site.  Developer Reports and or Studies which are supplied in support of the application.


Municipal Planner:   Kandas Bondarchuk

Project Description:  This amendment proposes a new 6,336 sq. ft. building in the rear of the site, extension of the existing asphalt parking area, and grading/drainage modifications. The existing industrial building is a 5,400 sq. ft. for a heavy water processing facility which was processed in 2017 under D111117.  A minor variance has also been submitted to reduce the front landscape buffer from 3.0 to 2.3 metres.

Location Map 40 Sandford Drive., Collingwood, ON














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