Project Numbers : 400 Maple St., D14420 application for Zoning By-Law Amendment; D1201220 an application for Draft Plan of Subdivision; and D111820 application Site Plan Control, Scroll Past The Map for Details, 00 Maple St Applications: Victoria Annex

Owner: Maple Street Limited Partnership c/o Georgian Communities

Agent: Travis & Associates, Colin Travis

Civil Engineer: Tatham Engineering Limited, Kevin Samson

Landscape Architect: C.F. Crozier & Associates Inc., Mike Hensel

Project Description: 

Applications for a Zoning By-Law Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, and Site Plan Control have been received for a proposed residential infill development consisting of a total of 19 residential units on the former Victoria School Annex site. The proposed residential development involves the creation of nine (9) lots and one (1) block. The 9 lots are proposed to consist of 4 lots for single detached dwelling units and 5 lots for 10 semi-detached dwelling units with frontages onto adjacent public roads. The block is proposed to be a condominium development consisting of 2 semi-detached dwelling units in the existing Victoria School Annex building and 3 townhouse dwelling units with access off a private road fronting Maple Street. This proposed block is subject to Site Plan Control. The Victoria School Annex building has been designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S.O. 1990, C. 18, and is proposed to be restored and reused as part of the development proposal.

The subject property is currently designated and zoned for residential development. The proposed development maintains the permitted density of 19 units. The current zoning reflects a previous site-specific development proposal. The proposed Zoning By-law Amendment further limits the range of permitted residential uses and introduces provisions pertaining to setbacks and other matters to facilitate the development proposal. A Plan of Subdivision application is also proposed that will address details around implementing how the site develops and looks at full build-out.


Fifth Submittal Proposal - July 2022

Civil Engineering 

Water Demand Calculations

Matrix Comments as a result of the fourth review comments

Functional Servicing Report

Functional Servicing Amendment 

Architectural Addendum for the Heritage Committee 

Architectural Revised Exterior

Servicing Calculation Allocation Framework Supporting a Complete Community (SCAP) 

Fourth Submittal Proposal - May 2022  

Cover Letter

Comment Matrix

Civil Engineering Plans

Site Plan

Ministry of the Environment Form 1  Record of Watermains

Tree Management Plan

Water, and Waste Water Capacity

Third Submittal Proposal - Oct 2021

This third submittal is in response to the second submission's plans and documents.

Draft Zoning By-law

Architectural Plans 

Landscape Plans

Urban Design Materials

Urban Design

Civil Engineering Plans

Storm-water Management 

Utility Drawings

Revised or Updated Site Plan

Second Submittal Proposal - Jun 2021

This second submittal is in response to the comments received by the initial first submission and for the most part, reflects the design and implementation detail.   

Developer Reports, Studies, and Plans

Planning Cover Letter 

Architectural Colour Renderings 

Elevations 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

 Landscape Plans 

Heritage Impact Assessment  

 Exterior Details

Groundwater Letter

Sanitary Sewer Modeling Letter

Streetscapes Fifth St, Maple St, Sixth St

Tree Inventory Assessment

Water System

Utility Set

Civil Set

Storm Water Management Report

Functional Servicing Report

Draft Zoning By-Law Amendment


1st Submission Proposal

Project information links from the developer in support of the proposal: 

Developer Contact Information 

Combined Development Applications 

Planning Justification 

Architectural Report and Renderings 

Heritage Impact 

Urban Design 

Functional Servicing 

Storm Water Management 

Geotechnical Investigation  

Stage 1 - 2 Archaeological Assessment 


Civil Engineering, Landscaping, Electrical and Lighting, Tree Inventory Assessment


Municipal Planner Lindsay Ayers
 Standing Committee May 5, 2023

Staff Report P2023-14 Approval to Execute the Subdivision and Site Plan Control Agreements

Notices of Passing and Approval Dated September 29, 2022

Council Resolution RES-350-2022

Notice of Passing of a Zoning By-law Amendment

Zoning By-law 2022-079

Notice of Draft Approval of a Plan of Subdivision

Draft Plan Approval Conditions

Draft Plan of Subdivision Drawing


Municipal Information:  Notice of Complete Application(s) and Public Meeting

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architectural rendering

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Planning Act: 
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