Secondary Suite Opportunities in Collingwood By-Law, Apartments, and Second Units

Amending Zoning By-Law No. 2018-017  opportunities for secondary suites, including accessory apartments and second units. Examples include coach houses, garden suites, and an apartment within a home.  

Bill 23 has made updates to allow for more ADUs on residential lots that have full municipal services (such as Town water and wastewater) and where primary residential uses are permitted. The Town of  Collingwood Zoning By-law, administered by Planning Services,  is the policy document which provides the details for all dwelling unit types.  Reference section and 4.40 Accessory Apartments (some provisions not applicable due to Bill 23. Accessory apartments are now permitted in most single, semi-detached, and townhouse dwellings.)

Discover the housing potential in your own backyard using ADUSearch

ADU Search: Discover the potential in your own backyard

Visit, select Collingwood as your municipality, search your property and, with a click of a button, find out if it meets the minimum zoning bylaw requirements for an attached or detached ADU. ADUSearch is a tool for a general understanding of requirements, we encourage property owners to email to confirm zoning details.

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