Waterstone Townhouses

A location map for Waterston Townhouse Collingwood, Ontario located Highway 26 westOwner:  Dawson Drive (Collingwood) Holdings Inc.  

Agent:  Pascuzzo Planning Inc.,  Andrew Pascuzzo

Civil Engineer: C. F Crozier & Associates, B. Roberston

Landscape Architect:  Adesso Design Inc., Scott Henderson

Architect: Lintack Architects Inc., Clayton Payer


Fourth Submission in Support of this Application: 

4th Sub Civil Engineering Drawings, Landscaping Plans, Site Plan, Compiled Elevations and Sectional of Site Section

Rear view of Condominiums at Waterstone Townhouses Collingwood, ON









Municipal Planner:  Lindsay Ayers

First Submission Materials Submitted by the Applicant:      Development Application, Contact Information, Architectural Plans, Civil Engineering Plans,  Landscape Plans,  Noise Study, Environmental Study 


Municipal Planner:  Senior Planner, Trevor Houghton

Project Description:  A site plan application has been received for a proposal to develop a 68 unit townhouse development with standard condominium.  Although a new application this application is resurrecting an application that began in 2007.  This property is within Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority. 


Site Plan of Waterstone CollingwoodFront Elevation of Waterstone in Collingwood, ONElevation of Waterstone on Hwy 26 West



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