Wyldewood Creek Project: D11119 is a Site Plan Application

Location Map of Wyldewood Creek Hwy 26 West Vacation Inn DriveUpdated Description: April  20, 2021

 Original proposal post from March 2019

Project:  Wyldewood Creek

Municipal Location:  10 Vacation Inn Drive

Owner:  Georgian Manor Resort & Country Club Inc.

Agent:   Travis & Associates, Colin Travis

Civil Engineer: Crozier & Associates, Kevin Morris

Landscape Architect: Crozier & Associates, Mike Hensel

Architect: CMV Group Architects, Dan Cowling


March 2019 Project Description:  Wyldewood Creek is a site plan application that has been received for a proposal for 168 residential condominium in 6 buildings resulting in a density of approximately 73 units per hectare.  This property is within the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority jurisdiction.  

First Submission Proposal from Developer: 

Development ApplicationContactArchitectural Plans, ElevationsCivil Engineering PlansLandscape PlansSite Plan     
Applicant Studies:  Soil ReportStorm Water ManagementTraffic Opinion Letter 

April 2021 Updated Project Description:  The proposal is for a 165-unit residential condominium development with surface parking on vacant land located at the southern end of Vacation Inn Drive (a private condominium road). The subject property is located within an area regulated by Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority.  

Related Files: D084318 and Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendment   

Second Submission Proposal from the Developer April 16, 2021 

Civil Engineering and Landscaping Plans, Elevations, Renderings, Servicing and Stormwater Management, Site Plan, Emergency Access 

Third Submission Proposal  from the Developer January 17, 2022

Pavement Assessment, Architectural Site Plan, Channel Design, Civil, Engineering and Landscape Plans, Flood Study, FSR and SWM Reports, Geotechnical Report, Third Submittal Letter, Water Form 1
Municipal Information Is Below

Municipal Planner:  Lindsay Ayers


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Original Landscape Plan    March 2019                                                  Revised Landscape Plan April 27, 2021

Suggested Landscape Plans for Wyldewood Creek on Highway 26 West

Revised Landscape Plan April 2021

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