Proposed Developments

To see Collingwood's proposed developments, click the markers on the map. You will be able to see a more content by clicking the read more button. Alternatively, use the list view above to see a full list of Collingwood's proposed developments.

D111117 Isowater Industrial Building
File Number:D111117
Project:Isowater Industrial Building
Artist Rendering of The Shipyards Condominium Block E
D11617 The Shipyards – Block 4 – Condominium E
File Number:D11617 Site Plan Application and File No.: D14417 Zoning By-Law Amendments
Artist Rendering of Paramedic Stations
D11517 - 169 St. Paul St., Paramedic Station File
File Number:D14317 A Zoning By-law Amendment and D11517 For Site Plan Control
Project:The Collingwood Paramedic Station
Landscaping of Affordable Housing Project in Collingwood, ON
D111417 County of Simcoe Affordable Housing Complex In Collingwood
File Number:D14117 Zoning By-Law Amendment, D11417 Site Plan
Project:Simcoe County Affordable Housing Project in Collingwood