Asset Management

AMP - The AMP that was presented in the fall of 2021 has now been updated in May of 2022 this has been presented to members of Council, through a series of staff reports and presentations. This updated plan consists of Core Assets only (Roads/Water/Wastewater/Storm/Bridges) and is consistent with O/Reg 588/17.

Asset Management Presentations

Strategic Asset Management Policy - 2019

The plan was developed by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd as a comprehensive, long-term strategy for the town’s capital assets. The plan will help with decision-making processes, including the annual budget and capital grant applications. It will guide planning for future sustainable infrastructure.

The Town intends to provide residents with a safe and functional environment through its implementation.

The following assets are included in this plan:

  • Road-related (roads, bridges, sidewalks, traffic signals, and street lights);
  • Stormwater mains;
  • Buildings;
  • Land Improvements;
  • Fleet;
  • Machinery and Equipment; and
  • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (mains and facilities).

Collingwood Asset Management Plan - 2022

Collingwood Asset Management Plan Techincal Appendices - 2022