Affordable Housing Task Force

The Affordable Housing Task Force has been established to provide advise to Council and take leadership on the specific matters provided below: 

  • Investigate opportunities and make a recommendation to Council regarding the Town owned lands on Birch Street (with input from the Rotary Club).
  • Monitor and make recommendations to local planning policies that are underway as well as a regional focus to closely monitor and provide recommendations to increase affordable housing options.
  • Explore and make recommendations regarding current grant / funding opportunities for affordable housing development: new, renovation and conversions.
  • Remain connected with and provide support for an action plan for Council regarding Collingwood’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainability Goal #11 pertaining to safe and affordable housing.

In particular, challenges and opportunities shall be identified to Council during the annual budgeting and priority-setting period.

The Task Force has been established for a 6 month time period, which be extended or dissolved by recommendation of the Standing Committee or Council as circumstances dictate, and reports to the Strategic Initiatives Committee (SIC); however, may report directly to Council if deemed expedient.

Membership: The Affordable Housing Task Force will be comprised of up to 12 voting memebers as further described below.

Elected Officials (3):

  • Council Member ‘SCATEH’ Liaison
  • Chair of the D&O Standing Committee or other designate if the same as the Chair or as otherwise approved by the D&O Standing Committee.
  • Council Federation of Canadian Municipalities Representative

Community Members: Up to Nine (9) Community Members representing various stakeholder sectors and community builders from across the community. The Task Force (and sub-committees if applicable) are intended to reflect membership from:

Private Sector Representatives considered based on:

  • Experience with owning / operating / managing affordable housing or market rental housing
  • Experience with recruitment and retention of staff based local housing supply
  • Experience in residential housing development

Public / Not-for-profit sector representatives considered based on:

  • Experience in affordable / social housing supports
  • Taking organizations through challenging transformational periods
  • Experience as part of a management team of a locally based not-for-profit social enterprise directed focused on helping people in need looking for housing supports; local development industry; housing shelters
  • Representative of the real estate community
  • Representative with a ‘lived’ experience regarding the difficulty with affordable housing supply in Collingwood

Each non-municipal representative appointed from the sectors above may put forward the name of one (1) alternate, for consideration by the Affordable Housing Task Force. Alternates who attend Affordable Housing Task Force meetings, in the absence of a non-municipal member, shall have the same rights and privileges during proceedings as the member, meaning he/she shall count towards quorum and have full voting privileges. In the interest of continuity of informed decision-making, it is expected that nonmunicipal representatives will share information regarding Affordable Housing Task Force business items with their alternates. Non-municipal members and their alternates are to represent their respective sector and not the interests of any particular agency.

In order to qualify for membership, non-municipal members representing agencies/organizations must remain actively involved with an agency/organization they are representing. Should a vacancy of a non-municipal representative occur throughout the term of the Task Force, staff shall reach out to representatives from within the respective sector following consultation with the Council representatives.

Current Committee Membership:
Deputy Mayor Hull, Council Member ‘SCATEH’ Liaison
Councillor Hamlin, Chair of the Development and Operations Services Standing Committee
Councillor Jeffery, Council Federation of Canadian Municipalities Representative

Kelly Caldwell
Nancy Esson
Doug Linton
Marg Scheben Edey
Jack Vanderkooy
Jane Walker

Staff Resources*: Director of Planning, Building and Economic Development (non-voting), Clerk (non-voting), Grant writer (non-voting)

* As required due to agenda topics


Need more information? Contact:

Clerk Services - Town of Collingwood
P.O. Box 157, 97 Hurontario Street
Collingwood, ON   L9Y 3Z5
T. 705-445-1030 E.3225 |

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