Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards

The Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards Appeal Committee is a quasi-judicial body and hears Applications for Minor Variances and Consent. Minor variance applications are required under Section 45 of the Planning Act, where a proposal can not meet the intent of the  Zoning By-law. Minor variance applications are also required, for the enlargement or extension of a building or structure that is legally non-conforming, or for the expansion of a nonconforming use.  Applications for Consent under Section 53 of the Planning Act are required to sever a property or for any agreement, mortgage, or lease that extends for 21 years or more.

As a Property Standards Appeal Committee, if an owner or occupant upon whom an order has been served is not satisfied with the terms or conditions of the order may appeal to the committee by sending a NOTICE OF APPEAL. The Committee shall conduct a hearing and make a decision with respect to the order.

Committee of Adjustment: Minor Variances and Consents

Public Meeting Format

Applications for minor variances and consents are heard in person at a Public Meeting, the location of the public meeting will be described in the Notice of Public Meeting. Any person attending the public meeting will have an opportunity to speak at the public hearing to express any comments, or concerns or ask questions relative to the application, for the Committee to take into consideration before rendering a decision. 

2023 Meeting Schedule

Composition of Committee

The Committee of Adjustment/Property Standards Committee is composed of five (5) voting members. Citizen members are appointed in accordance with the corporate policy known as “Recruitment and Selection – Committee/Local Committee Appointments”.

Current Membership:

  • Michele Boyer
  • Norma Bryant
  • Stephen Johns
  • David Martin
  • Nigel O'Neill

*Chair and Vice-Chair have not yet been appointed

Non-voting Members:

  • The Committee of Adjustment Secretary
  • Director of Planning, or designate
  • By-law Enforcement Officer, or designate as may be required
  • Clerk, or designate as may be required

Key Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements of Citizen Members:

  • Must be eligible to vote in the Town of Collingwood municipal election;
  • Citizen members should represent the following skill sets and/or interest areas: interest and understanding of the complexities and challenges of a building; have knowledge in one or more areas of law, planning, architecture, government, economic development, community development, land development, or citizen advocacy, but not act as an agent for applicants before the Committee of Adjustment;
  • Demonstrate decision-making, communication, and mediation skills to facilitate an open and fair hearing process; and
  • Demonstrate leadership (mandatory for chair).

For any information regarding the above kindly contact our Secretary-Treasurer, using our email  If you have detailed questions to be answered we can arrange for a microsoft teams meeting or physical meeting.  Please request a meeting through 

Planning Act: Individuals who make written submissions with respect to a Planning Act application should be aware that their submission and any personal information in their correspondence will become part of the public record and made available to the Applicant, Committee and Council.

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