Museum Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Museum Advisory Committee is to assist the Museum in meeting its mandate to collect, preserve, research, house, and exhibit, and to assist the Museum to serve the educational, intellectual and recreational needs and interests of the community of Collingwood, through recommendations to the Corporate and Community Services Standing Committee.

Subject to such limitations and restrictions as Council may from time to time impose, by by-law, resolution or otherwise, the Collingwood Museum Advisory Committee shall:

  • Fix the times and places for meetings of the Committee mode of calling and conducting meetings, and make regulations governing the conduct of its members.
  • Elect a chair and vice chair from amongst its members and appoint a secretary, or have a secretary appointed to them, who may not be a member of the Committee, all of whom shall hold office at the pleasure of the Committee or for such a period as the Committee prescribes.
  • Sell or distribute objects and literature, sell souvenirs or other articles on behalf of the Collingwood Museum.
  • Encourage and develop volunteer groups to assist in the further development of the Museum.
  • Submit an estimate of its financial requirements for the ensuing year to the Community Services Standing Committee. Accounts which come under the normal operation of the Museum and which are included in the budget shall be eligible for automatic payment.
  • The Museum Supervisor shall submit an annual report of the Museum's activities to the Corporate and Community Services Standing Committee.
  • The Committee may, with the approval of Council, establish a Museum Development Fund, into which donations and other funds as may become available may be placed for future Museum development project and may apply any private donations in such manner as it deems advisable but not inconsistent with the terms upon which any amount was donated.
  • Carry out such other duties relating to the operation and development of the Museum as may be deemed proper by the Committee or by Council.

The Committee is composed of five (5) voting citizen members, a staff resource and a recording secretary. The membership term is generally for three years, with eligibility for reappointment.

Key Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements of Citizen Members include

  • Eligible to vote in the Town of Collingwood municipal election;
  • Should have an interest in historical artifacts and events;
  • Background knowledge and experience that will be of benefit to the operation of the Museum;
  • Encouraged to be a member of the Museum;
  • Demonstrated leadership (mandatory for chair); and
  • Good communication skills, demonstrate initiative, and positive attitude.

Current Committee Members

  • Jennifer Belanger, Chair
  • Allison Hunwicks, Vice-Chair
  • Ken Maher
  • Stuart Beeston
  • Tim Garland

Staff Resource

  • Melissa Shaw, Museum Supervisor

The Museum Advisory Committee generally meets monthly, on the third Thursday of the month at the Collingwood Museum located at 45 St. Paul Street, Collingwood, or at the call of the Chair, with the provision that at least four meetings are held per year.  The Advisory Committee establishes a regular meeting schedule that may be reviewed from time to time.