Police Services Board

Police services in the Town are provided by the Ontario Provincial Police pursuant to an agreement between the Town and the Province. Policing is carried out under the direction of the local Detachment Commander.

The Police Services Board consists of five members, three appointed by the Town and two appointed by the Province. The responsibilities of the Board are established by the Police Services Act and are generally described as follows:

  1. To determine objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the Detachment Commander;
  2. To establish local policies for police services, after consultation with the Detachment Commander;
  3. To monitor the performance of the Detachment Commander;
  4. To receive reports from the Detachment Commander on any secondary activities by police officers in the detachment;
  5. To review the Detachment Commander's administration of the complaints system established by the Police Services Act for dealing with complaints made by any member of the public about the policies of or the services provided by the police force.

Detachment Commander Monitoring - Policy Statement
Detachment Commander Monitoring - Form

2020-2022 Collingwood and the Blue Mountains OPP Action Plan
2017-2019 Collingwood and the Blue Mountains OPP Action Plan

2023 Police Services Board and Council Communications Protocol

Meetings of the Board are at the call of the Chair and are held at the Town offices. Notice of meetings is published with all meetings are open to the public and are generally offered in a hybrid meeting format offering both remote and in-person participation. Links to join a meeting can be found on the corresponding agenda on the Town's Meeting Portal website.

Collingwood Police Services Board

Claire Tucker Reid (Municipal Appointment), Chair
Councillor Kathy Jeffery, Vice-Chair
Mayor Yvonne Hamlin
Erika Pothe (Provincial Appointment)
Vacant Provincial Appointment

Detachment Commander: Loris Licharson 

Staff Resources: Sonya Skinner, CAO & Board Secretary

To obtain Police Services: Contact Ontario Provincial Police-Collingwood and the Blue Mountains Detachment

Crisis Phone: 9-1-1
Office Phone: (705) 445-4321
Fax: (705) 445-7024

As of November 2, 2017 the Town launched a Council & Committees Meeting Portal.  The Meeting Portal provides easier access to Council and Standing Committee meeting schedules, agendas, minutes and videos.  

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