Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Task Force

The Collingwood Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Pioneer Town Task Force has been established to provide for technical advice and capacity building on the specific matters provided below:

  • Collaborate with Urban Economy Forum Steering Committee for Habitat in Towns.
  • The conference format, themes and goals are drafted by the UEF Secretariat, in collaboration with the Town of Collingwood then vetted by the UEF Steering Committee for Habitat in Towns and the Collingwood Local Steering Committee through Steering Committee meetings and preparatory meetings for boarder consideration and strategic planning.
  • Strategic planning for conference format, themes, and goals.
  • Debrief following annual conferences to provide feedback and insight into future conference building.
  • Collaborate with the UEF and others including the Pavilion (Regent Park World Urban Pavilion) to manage the Collingwood: SDG Pioneer Town Initiative and its pilot projects.
  • Work to identify and seek external funding and supports.

Membership: shall include representation from each of the following positions / areas of expertise:

  • Council
  • Town Staff
  • Business / Community Members (2 to 3 members)
  • Development Community Member (1 to 2 members)
  • Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change Group
  • Public Interest Group for SDGs

Current Committee Members:

  • Mayor Yvonne Hamlin
  • Councillor, Kathy Jeffery
  • Mark Palmer
  • Larry Law
  • David Ohrling
  • Rosalyn Morrison

Staff Resources: 

  • Chief Administrative Officer
  • Executive Assistant, CAO/ Customer & Corporate Services

Collingwood Pilot Projects:

  1. Sustainable Affordable and Attainable Housing, including a plan to fast track delivery, a diversity of built forms and zero carbon or negative carbon footprints.
  2. Information to assess how we are doing, such as using the Cities Prosperity Index.
  3. Continuing to improve civic engagement, to bring together communities on complex local issues by encouraging participation through effective communication challenges and messages.
  4. Expanding and enabling the role of business to help grow a caring community and to play their part in the sustainable development of towns, small cities and Indigenous communities.
  5. Creating welcoming communities for all people regardless of income level, ability, gender identity, race, age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual identity.
  6. Fostering our human resources, including through educational and entrepreneurship opportunities.
  7. Establishing funding for social good, such as the creation of a community foundation.
  8. Development of an international network for town and Indigenous community leaders who work toward achieving SDGs at the scale of towns.
  9. Demonstration of proactive approaches to environmental challenges and climate mitigation and adaptation.
  10. Using our Official Plan as a fundamental strategic document for the municipality, to codify the town’s intentions to be a smarter, more sustainable, and greener community.