Lobbyist Registry

About the Registry
The Lobbyist Registry came into effect in January 20, 2020 and is a component of Town of Collingwood’s Accountability and Transparency framework. It is an online tool that documents instances of substantive communication, such as telephone calls, meetings, or e-mails between those who lobby and Members of Town Council or Town staff in a centralized database that is easy to access and search by the public and interested stakeholders.

When to register
Lobbying occurs when an individual representing a financial or business interest, or the financial interest of a not-for-profit with paid staff, communicates with a Member of Council or Town staff to try to influence a decision on governmental matters that are outside of standard processes. 

Lobbyists are required to register with the Lobbyist Registry and disclose lobbying activities within 10 business days of the communication taking place. The Town’s Accountability Officer is responsible for the enforcement and oversight of the Lobbyist Registry and will annually review and report on its operations.

How to register
Lobbyists are asked to disclose lobbying activities by identifying the subject matter, the client for which they are lobbying, the individual they lobbied, the method of communication and the date.

To register, click on the following link: 

Lobbyist Registry Submission Form

Search the Registry
Any member of the public can search the Lobbyist Registry using a number of different filters. A keyword search allows you to search subject matters and specific issues by a specific word(s). You can also search by the following filters: subject matter, lobbyist type, lobbyist(s) and person(s) lobbied.

To search the registry, click on the following link:
Lobbyist Registry Search

Interested to learn more?
For more on the Lobbyist Registry, click on the links below or visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. 

Can’t find the information you’re looking for? Contact the Registrar at accountability@collingwood.ca