Celebrate Collingwood’s rich Black history throughout Black History Month

January 27, 2023
Black History Month collage

February is Black History Month in Canada, a time to recognize and celebrate the past and present contributions made by the Black community in the settlement, growth, and development of all aspects of society. In honour of Collingwood’s rich Black history, residents are invited to take a journey back in time and explore stories of our past.

New this year, Collingwood is launching a Storyboard project which shares the history of Black community leaders and changemakers, documenting and illuminating the journey, accomplishments, and challenges of Black settlers to Collingwood. The goal of the project is to shine a light on our past and to raise awareness of these important stories, preserving and sharing knowledge that has been gathered over time.

Storyboards will be in place throughout the month of February, located along the trail at Harbourview Park as well as indoors at the Collingwood Museum and Collingwood Public Library. Virtual access to the Storyboard Project will be available starting February 1st by visiting www.collingwood.ca/inclusion.

The storyboard project was made possible through the contributions of the Sheffield Park Black History and Cultural Museum, the Collingwood Museum, and members of the community.

To launch Black History Month, Collingwood will raise a flag on February 1st at 4:00 p.m. The flag raising will take place at the Community Flagpole located at the Collingwood Public Library.

In 2022, Collingwood in collaboration with the Unity Collective introduced Collingwood’s first Black History Month flag which includes three bold panels of red, yellow, and green. Centered on the flag is a colourful circle of joining hands, a symbol of unity, diversity, and community.

On Thursday, February 23rd at 2:00 p.m. the Collingwood Public Library will be hosting Janie Cooper-Wilson in the FreeSchools World Literacy Community Room. Janie Cooper-Wilson is a highly accomplished local historian who will discuss Black history and how it connects to the Collingwood area. Registration for this event is recommended, for more information please contact lcrossan@collingwoodpubliclibrary.ca

While Black History Month is recognized throughout the month of February, the challenges, strengths, and resilience of Black communities in Canada and locally is a history to be discovered and celebrated everyday.