Change is coming to restore consistency of curbside waste collection in the County of Simcoe

December 11, 2019
Public Works
Waste Collection

The County of Simcoe is changing curbside waste collections to bring consistency and predictability back to pick-up schedules and support the growth of the County’s green bin program. Starting February 3, 2020, garbage and recycling collection will occur on alternating weeks, while green bin collection will continue every week. 

During the week of February 3 to 7, residents will receive garbage and green bin collection only. The following week (February 10 to 14), residents will receive recycling and green bin collection only. Collections will alternate on this schedule moving forward. Collection days are not changing; however, collection times will be adjusted. Residents are reminded to have materials out to their curb by 7:00 AM on their regular collection day. 

“Resolving the impacts to waste collections and restoring consistency and predictability to pick-up schedules are top priorities for County Council and our staff,” said Warden George Cornell. “We sincerely apologize for the delays that our residents have experienced for the last few months and these changes will assist our contractor with their staffing challenges by reducing the number of drivers required each day. This transition will also mitigate the need to increase our costs for alternate solutions, benefit the environment and help restore confidence that your waste materials will be collected on schedule.” 

What this means starting February 3, 2020: 

  • No change to your regular collection day. Collection times will change, so have your materials out by 7:00 AM on your collection day
  • Green bin collection will continue to occur every week
  • Garbage and recycling collection will alternate every other week (one week garbage the next week recycling)
  • Residents can set out two bags/containers of garbage every other week (weight and size restrictions still apply)
  • Recycling no longer needs to be separated into different bins. Materials will be sorted later in the process
  • Excess recyclables can be placed in bins, cardboard boxes or see-through plastic bags  

In addition to restoring predictability to curbside waste collections, this change will help lead to longterm environmental benefits, encourage residents to positively adjust their waste habits, and control costs, since it: 

  • Encourages use of green bins and promotes increased diversion (40 per cent of the average garbage bag consists of items that should go in the green bin)
  • Helps keep organic materials out of landfills and thereby extends the lifespan of landfills
  • Encourages reduction of single-use plastics, cans and containers  
  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions produced by collection vehicles by reducing the number of trucks on the road each day 
  • Helps control contractual costs  

While many Ontario municipalities have already transitioned successfully to bi-weekly collection services, the County recognizes that this is a significant change for residents. To support this change, a voucher for a FREE Blue Bin will be mailed to County residents to help store recyclables. One voucher per household can be redeemed at County Waste Management Facilities until February 28, 2020, while quantities last. Broad marketing and communication to residents will occur, including the annual waste calendar, which will be mailed to households in January. The best way to track your collection week is through the Simcoe County Collects App. You can also call 1-800-263-3199 to sign up for weekly phone reminders and alerts. 

For full details about this change to curbside waste collections and why it is happening now, please visit

These changes do not apply to the cities of Barrie and Orillia. 

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