Collingwood Launches On The Move Campaign - It's Only A Five-Minute Walk

August 23, 2021
Parks, Recreation, & Culture
On the Move street sign

On the Move street signs installed across Collingwood as a community based initiative this week are designed to encourage students to walk or wheel to school this Fall.

Located at distances of 500 m and 1 km from each of the four Collingwood public elementary schools, signs will show students and parents just how long it takes to walk or wheel to school.

Sidewalk stencils will also be added along key walking routes reminding students to look before crossing as well as invite play during the school commute. 

In addition to wayfinding signage and sidewalk stencils, a number of actions will be undertaken over the 2021 school year to promote walking and wheeling including the installation of traffic calming enhancements, parent, school and student resources and on-going marketing campaigns. 

This project is being supported by the Active School Travel fund an initiative of Green Communities Canada.

“A walk or wheel to school sets students up for learning, adding an active start to the day. The installation of wayfinding signs and sidewalk stencils provides a fun, interactive way to encourage students and families to use active transportation,” said Kerri McDonald, Environment Network.

For students who live within walking or cycling distance from school choosing active transportation has many benefits including physical activity, reducing traffic volume around schools creating safer school zones, helping the environment, and supporting healthy brain development.

To learn more about the Active and Safe Routes to School (ASRTS) program in Collingwood visit 

For more information:

Jennifer Parker
Coordinator, Community Well-being & Inclusion
Town of Collingwood
T. 705-444-2500 ext. 3260 

Christa Carter
Manager, Public Relations & Communications
Town of Collingwood
T. 705-445-1030 ext. 3274