Collingwood is On the Move!

August 30, 2022
Parks, Recreation, & Culture
two children wearing backpacks, standing in front of a chalk drawing on the sidewalk that says 'look'

Back to school is an exciting time of the year. Adding a walk or wheel is a great way to start and finish the school day.

Active school travel programs support community building. Neighbourhoods are made vibrant by encouraging walking, outdoor play, cycling and other modes of active transport.

Collingwood is one of several municipalities across Simcoe Muskoka who are part of the On the Move project, working to support active school travel.

Collingwood sidewalks, trails, and roads, in and around school zones, are about to get busier as staff and students return back-to-school.

Making the active choice, to walk or wheel, supports our physical and mental health, helps the environment, and reduces traffic around schools.

If you are driving in a school zone, remember these important safety tips: 
•    Reduce your speed
•    Watch for pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, and activity
•    Avoid distracted driving
•    Obey the crossing guards
•    Stop for the school bus when red lights are flashing
•    Respect no parking, no idling, and no stopping zones

As students get ready to head back to school take some time to plan your route. Consider sidewalks, trails, stoplights and crossing guard locations. Use the Map My Route resource for Simcoe County District School Board elementary schools to help you in your planning.

Wayfinding signage and sidewalk stencils along key walking routes help communicate just how short the walk or wheel to school is and at the same time helps add some fun to the school commute. If you must drive your kids to school, think about parking away from the school zone and walking a block.

Join us and get On the Move by travelling to school in an active way.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Parker
Coordinator, Community Well-being & Inclusion
T. 705-445-2500 ext. 3260

Christa Carter
Manager, Public Relations & Communications
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3274