Collingwood Museum launches collecting initiative to document life during COVID-19

April 30, 2020
Museum Artifacts

In 100 years, what do you want the residents of Collingwood to know about the challenges we are facing today and how we are overcoming them? 

To ensure these experiences are preserved for the future, the Collingwood Museum has launched a real-time collecting initiative entitled Collecting for Collingwood: COVID-19 for which staff are seeking submissions.

Collingwood residents have a long and impressive history of actively collecting and telling the stories of our community. In good times and bad, residents have documented local and global events that have changed the way we live, work, and play.

There are three simple ways to contribute to this initiative:

  • Submit your experiences and photographs by completing the online form at
  • Keep a physical or digital journal documenting your daily/weekly/monthly experiences for submission after the outbreak. 
  • Consider which physical objects best represent COVID-19 in Collingwood and whether you have anything to donate to the Collingwood Museum after the pandemic. Please note that this collecting effort does not intend to take away resources from our community and front-line workers.

All content submitted to this collection may be used by the Collingwood Museum for research and reference, education, exhibitions, programs, marketing, reproductions and promotional purposes. Each submission must be accompanied by an informed consent release form.

We understand that your stories may be difficult to tell due to the traumatic reality of the virus. Museum staff thanks all contributors for helping to document this historic moment for future generations. 

Full details on this collecting initiative may be found at