The Collingwood Museum presents: Stories of Unsettling Lore

October 15, 2021
Stories of Unsettling Lore

The Collingwood Museum is proud to present a new Halloween video series, Stories of Unsettling Lore!
Have you heard whispers of strange happenings in Collingwood? Perhaps you’ve heard rumours of a haunted location or two? This type of local lore, passed from one resident to another, is nearly impossible to prove, or disprove. Yet the rumours persist.
This Halloween season, the Collingwood Museum will present four short features based on Collingwood lore, written by museum staff and volunteers. Since some of the lore has been around for generations, the stories could sound familiar to many. You may also be surprised to hear a new legend or two. Parts of these stories may be historically accurate, and some may be fictional. How much should you believe? That’s up to you to decide.
This is the second year of virtual Halloween offerings from the Collingwood Museum. Following the success of last year’s Victorian Halloween, museum staff were eager to explore new ways to merge Halloween traditions with local heritage. The storytelling format of Stories of Unsettling Lore gives creative freedom to tell spine-chilling tales set in Collingwood that cannot be fully verified through research. Some stories are so good they must be told! 
Stories of Unsettling Lore will air on the Collingwood Museum's Facebook Page and The Town of Collingwood’s YouTube channel the last two weeks of October.
Wednesday, October 20 – “The Last Dance”
Saturday, October 23 – “The Spirit of Simcoe Street”
Wednesday, October 27 – “A Sinking Feeling”
Saturday, October 30 – “What Lives Within”

For more information, contact:

Elise Barr-Klouman
Educational Programmer
Collingwood Museum
T. 705-445-4811 Ext. 7223

Christa Carter
Manager, Public Relations & Communications
Town of Collingwood
T. 705-445-1030 Ext. 3274