Collingwood, NVCA, and County Reach a Resolution with Huntingwood Trails

September 1, 2022

September 1, 2022

All parties to the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) Appeal with Huntingwood Trails (Collingwood) Ltd., including the Town of Collingwood, the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority, and the County of Simcoe, have resolved their issues and agreed upon a revised Zoning By-law Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, and Draft Plan Conditions which, if satisfied, would allow a modified development to move forward.

The Huntingwood Trail (West Lands) is the 21-hectare portion of the larger 5 Silver Creek Drive property, which lies to the south of Highway 26 West between the Silver Glen Preserve condominium development on the east and the Forest Subdivision to the west (see #37 on the Town of Collingwood Development Activity Map 2021 located at

In Ontario, development is not permitted on significant environmental features but can be allowed adjacent to those features if it can be demonstrated that there are no negative impacts. Developers must follow rules including regulations under the Provincial Policy Statement, NVCA’s Planning and Regulations Guidelines, NVCA’s Engineering Guidelines, and the Town’s Official Plan, including confirming the development envelope limits. In this case, the Town did not have the authority to decide if development should be permitted and was trying to establish how development should occur on the lands outside the significant environmental features.

Council and staff have listened to and have been communicating regularly and have held several meetings with interested parties, including the Friends of Silver Creek, and neighbours to the proposed development. Their concerns have been considered and several changes have been made to the proposal based on feedback received, including the decrease in density of the development and the ownership transfer of all the environmentally protected lands to the Town. Future studies are required by the Town, including a detailed flood hazard analysis, updated traffic studies, and detailed engineering reviews.

“This settlement is a good outcome for Collingwood. The developer has agreed to a limited development parcel that does not extend into the wetlands. The environmental protection area including the wetlands will be ceded to the Town for protection in perpetuity. Buffers including fencing are included for existing residences, and updated traffic, water, and noise studies will be required before moving forward,” says Town of Collingwood CAO, Sonya Skinner.

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) is the Town’s contracted peer review agency for matters of natural heritage and is the regulatory authority for hazardous lands within its jurisdiction. NVCA works with partners like the Town to keep properties and lives safe, and to protect the environment.

The Huntingwood Trail (West Lands) Draft Plan of Subdivision proposes 100 lots, consisting of 86 single detached dwellings and 14 semi-detached dwellings, as well as a stormwater management block, environmental protection block (to be dedicated to the Town), a future development block which could accommodate 7 single detached dwellings and/or a road connection, public roads, and several small open space blocks.


The original applications to develop this area were made in 2011 and have been subject to appeals in the intervening years.  The principle of development was established in 2014 through an Ontario Municipal Board decision (a predecessor of the OLT) and was subsequently included in the Town’s Official Plan.  The development envelopes within the Official Plan were confirmed to be outside of sensitive natural heritage features and hazard lands.  The applications for a draft plan of subdivision and associated zoning by-law amendment were appealed by the Applicant to the OLT in 2019 based on a lack of decision by the Town, and it is the OLT appeal in relation to the westerly development envelope that was resolved August 31, 2022, as the OLT appeal in relation to the easterly development envelope was previously withdrawn.

More information on the applications and a background document including the file history, Ontario Land Tribunal Process, Key Roles and Responsibilities Relating to this File, and links to relevant resources and policies are available here:

Official Plan

An official plan is the overall policy framework that guides growth and land use decisions within a municipality. It is a statutory document, with legal effect, required by the province and provides high-level direction on land use planning and built form to a specified time horizon, typically 20 years or beyond. Official plans address principles including sustainable development and cover considerations related to environmental protection, economic vitality, and social wellbeing, all within the context of complete and healthy communities. The plan is the guide for the Town’s growth and directs where, when, and how growth should occur.

The Town is currently undergoing an Official Plan review and is welcoming feedback on the Official Plan Draft 1 policies and associated maps and looks forward to continued conversation with the community on this important project.

For more information and to stay up to date on the Official Plan Update project activities please visit the Town’s Engage Page.


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