Collingwood’s Fire Services Public Education is getting fired up with new certification program

October 14, 2022
Chloe Almas holding smoke alarm and fire extinguisher

Collingwood Fire Services is firing up its public education offerings by developing a new certificate program on portable fire extinguishers and non-certified training opportunities on home fire safety.

Fire Services staff Chloe Almas, certified by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) with Public Educator 1 & 2, has taken what used to be a simple presentation on portable fire extinguishers and turned it into a complete certification program.

Collingwood Fire Services currently offers this certification program to all vulnerable occupancies which includes retirement homes, long-term living facilities and hospitals at no cost. Raglan Village and Pine Villa in Collingwood are the first care facilities to take advantage of the free certification opportunity for staff. 

“The outstanding work from Ms. Almas and the Prevention Division to take this training to the next level enables us to provide greater protection to Collingwood residents living in vulnerable occupancies,” says Fire Chief, Dan Thurman. “We encourage all care facilities to take advantage of this free training opportunity. Knowing what to do during those first few seconds, in the event of a fire is vitally important for everyone’s safety.”

The training has also been delivered at CCI for students that are completing co-ops or have job placements, and for those looking to add to their resume. 

Ms. Almas is currently working on a non-certification version of this training that would focus on home fire safety for anyone who is interested. This version will talk about cooking safety, and proper maintenance of Smoke / CO alarms. This version will be open to the public. Details on session format are to be determined. If you are interested in participating in this non-certification information session, please email or call 705-445-3920. 

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