Council Approves Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy Supporting a Complete Community

March 28, 2022
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At its meeting held March 28, 2022, Council approved the Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy.  It incorporates public and developer input and articulates how water and wastewater capacity will be allocated in a sustainable, transparent, and orderly manner; prioritizes allocation to projects that provide the greatest benefit to the Town; and establishes when and for how long allocation is committed. 

Collingwood Town Council, at a meeting held on April 26, 2021, approved a pause in development to address drinking water and wastewater capacity for future development, using an Interim Control Bylaw (ICBL) that could last up to a year while a Land Use Policy Study was completed including consideration that Collingwood continue to grow as a complete community.

The Study recommended a Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy as one of the three products to form an overall servicing capacity allocation framework.  The approval of this policy and resolution of any appeal to a companion Zoning Bylaw update will allow the ICBL to be removed.  The approval of the Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy is a significant step forward for the Town.

The water supply is safe and available for current residents, industry, commercial uses, and visitors. There is enough water for several years of growth, but not enough to continue at the recent pace of development until the water treatment plant is expanded in 2025/2026. As soon as becoming aware of this difficult situation, Council took a proactive and transparent approach to seek further capacity and responsibly manage that which remains.

The Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy can be viewed within Staff Report P2022-09 Proposed Servicing Capacity Allocation Policy - Servicing Capacity Allocation Framework for the Town of Collingwood.

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